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What happens if we can't get married on our contracted date?

If due to unforeseen circumstances, you can’t get married on the contracted date, you have up to 6 months to reschedule and all retainers can be applied to that new date. The only caveat is that you need to check with us to be sure we are available before rescheduling.

What is the payment plan?

Our payment plan is industry standard. We require 50% down to hold the date and 50% one month prior to your event.

Is there a consulting fee?

Yes, there is a consultation fee. We are busy covering a lot of weddings and only want to meet with couples who are serious about working with us, especially since our website can answer any questions you have. The cost is $100 for a 30 minute meeting. If you book with us, the fee will be discounted from your purchased package.

Why do I have to pay in full before the event?

The reason we require full payment prior to the event is that if you cancel, then it is a loss of income for us. Believe it or not, weddings are cancelled on occasion =(

What if I cancel my event? Do I get a refund?

Down payment is non-refundable, but if your event is re-scheduled,  you can apply retainer to new date, as long as it is scheduled within a 6 month period. 

Under what circumstances do I have to pay sales tax?

Sales tax is only paid if there is an exchange of a physical product. For this reason, all our photo and video packages have digital delivery to avoid sales tax. 

Are there travel costs involved?

 We do not charge mileage within a 35mi radius of San Francisco. Outside of 35mi radius, we charge $1.00/mi. Depending on wedding day start time, we may also ask for lodging to be provided for our team.

What happens if my assigned shooter cannot shoot on the day of my event?

This rarely happens, but one of the benefits of working with a larger studio is that we have many talented resources, and we will be able to cover if someone falls ill or encounters an emergency.

Can I just book Photo coverage? Can I just book video coverage?

Yes, you can just book photo coverage or just video coverage. However, we strongly suggest having our photography and videography teams cover everything. The benefits being you're dealing with only one vendor and one contract for photo and video coverage. Also, the shooters will all be familiar with each other and it will take less coordinating on your end.


How does the post production editing process work for photo? Do i have the opportunity to give feedback?

There are two levels of post production editing. The first level is called “Basic Edits” which includes color and exposure correcting, as well as ensuring overall consistency in the look of the photos throughout the shoot. The second level is called “Retouching / Advanced Edits” which include smoothing out of blemishes and skin, reduction of stray hair and brightening of eyes and teeth. Retouching / Advanced Edits is an additional cost and is not required but you may request the service. Please check with us for current market rates.

What type of editing do you do on my photos?

All images are provided with basic, industry-standard, editing which ensures color, temperature, saturation, and brightness are consistent across your shoot.

What if i don't like my photo?

We do our best to ensure that the images selected match the feel and emotion of your day.  We also ensure that we capture the best in you, through proper posing and lighting.  It is important to communicate any concerns you may have to your photographer in advance of your event.

What are my album choices?

We use PASS gallery to share your photos with you and it has many options to design your own album and purchase prints. We do not offer this service ourselves.

How much experience do your shooters have?

Our primary photographers have at minimum 3 years of wedding photography experience.  We ensure that they capture our events in a consistent manner, in order to meet the expectations of Fusion Moments Media.

What kind of equipment do you use for photo?

We constantly upgrade our gear to the industry standard and shoot digitally and delivery digitally.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

You will have two photographers at your wedding. The primary photographer is your lead photographer for the event and will be your single point of contact for all photography related activities leading up to your event.  They will ensure that all the coverage is completed as per the schedule for the event. Your secondary photographer serves to provide additional coverage and capture all the details of the event from a different angle. Pre-wedding events are one photographer, but you may request more photographers if you wish.

Who is going to be my photographer?

Your photographer will be assigned approximately 30 days before your wedding. If you decide to book an engagement shoot with us, your photographer will likely be the same for both the engagement and wedding.

When do i get my photos?

In most cases, you will receive your proofs within 4-6 weeks following your engagement shoot and within 12 weeks following your wedding (depending on season volume).

Should i get an engagement session?

We highly recommend you book an Engagement Session! Not only is it a fun opportunity to capture your great couple chemistry with 2 wardrobe changes and 2 locations, but you'll also get to meet your photographer ahead of your wedding date. After about 4-6 weeks you'll receive your edited photos which you can use for sign-in tables, displays, etc. at your wedding events(s).


Who will be my videographer?

One of our top-notch certified videographers will be shooting your wedding. Typically, they are introduced to you approx. 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding date, and you are able to setup a meeting with them to coordinate and get acquainted. If there is a pre-wedding shoot or engagement session, you may have the opportunity to meet your shooter much earlier!

How much experience does my primary shooter have?

All of our shooters are trained by Deepa Pathak, owner of Filmtwist Productions, and have shot with us for at least a few years, if not longer.

How do i know i will like the style of the shooter that is selected for me?

All of our shooters are trained based on the style that is represented on our website. We are proud to be able to offer a high level of consistency, while still catering to what makes each couple unique. Yes, every shooter has a slightly different personality, but all of our shooters are kind and considerate, and very easy to work with.

What kind of camera equipment do you use for video?

We constantly upgrade our gear to the industry standard and shoot digitally and delivery digitally. We are also certified drone pilots!

How many shooters will be at my wedding?

You will have two shooters at your wedding. The primary shooter is your lead shooter for the event and will be your single point of contact for all videography related activities leading up to your event. They will ensure that all the coverage is completed as per the schedule for the event. Your secondary shooter serves to provide additional coverage and capture all the details of the event from a different angle. Pre-wedding events are one shooter, but you may request more shooters if you wish.

How do you record high quality audio on our wedding day?

For the ceremony, we typically place a lavalier (lapel) microphone on the groom for recording purposes only (will not amplify). This mic will capture the vows for both the bride and the groom. A second lavalier microphone is placed on the officiant of the ceremony to record the sermon. In addition, if there is a sound system utilized for the ceremony and reception, and we are granted access from the third party (MC/DJ), we will tap into the sound board via an external recorder to record high quality audio for the ceremony and reception program. All cameras record ambient audio as a fail safe.

What does the documentary video include?

It can vary depending on our start and finish time, but typically it includes a getting ready montage, your full ceremony, and your full reception program, including speeches, cake cutting, first/parent dances and open dancing montage. For this reason, the length varies, as everyone’s ceremony and reception program is different. For non-church weddings, the average length is about 60-90min. For church based weddings, the average length is about 120min.

What is the highlights video?

The Highlight video ranges from 3-5min and is essentially the "trailer" for your wedding day. It will include the most important moments cut together in an artistic way.

What is the teaser video?

The Teaser video ranges from 30 seconds to 1 minute and is essentially a collection of the best shots of your wedding day. We create this video in order to share our work and your special day on social media and it is no additional cost to you.

How does the post production editing process work for Video? Do i have the opportunity to give feedback?

We'd love for you to provide input prior to us starting the editing, and the best way to do this is via our online detailed questionnaire. Through the questionnaire you can tell us about any important moments throughout your day. In addition, if you plan to have a video presentation or something else during your wedding, please share that with us before the event so it can be included in your video. After your video has been delivered, if you feel like there is a shot that you want replaced, or a special moment missing, feel free to give us specific comments, and we can make the complimentary change for you. We only provide one round of revisions for clients so please be sure to share with us all the changes you want to make to your videos in one message.

What music will be playing in my Videos?

Your documentary video(s) will have the music that played at your events and for montages we pick music to fit the mood. There has been a huge crackdown online with music licensing, so if your package includes a highlight video, we must use licensed music, chosen from  Using licensed music also allows the video to be easily shareable and you can pick licensed music from Music Bed prior to your wedding day. The same licensing rules apply to the teaser video.

When do i get my video?

Your contract will say 6 months after event date, but our editing team can typically turn your video around much sooner. 3 months is our average outside of the busy wedding seasons. That being said, every wedding season volume is different, and we are not held accountable to provide your video(s) before the 6 month deadline. Believe it or not, the industry average is about 1 year to turn around videos and some companies are even 1.5 years.





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