Why You Should Say “YES” to Engagement Photos!

Picture this: You’re at a beautiful candlelit dinner at a posh San Francisco restaurant, or cuddled up together on a picturesque beach along the California coast, or maybe even enjoying a weekend wine-tasting getaway in Napa. There is a pause in the conversation, you stare lovingly into your partner’s eyes, and next thing you know…they’ve gotten down on one knee, with ring extended. Your heart is pounding; THEIR heart is pounding, and they ask The Question.

And of course, you say, “YES!”



Which leads you to right now and right here, in the beginning phases of planning your dream San Francisco Bay Area wedding, and wondering if you reeeeally need to schedule an engagement session. Is it worth the time and money?

And of course, we say, “YES!”



Here are our top reasons why an engagement session is worth it:


Save the Dates, Etc.

Using your engagement photos for Save the Dates and/or wedding invitations is a super fun way to let your guests know about your big day! They also make a great addition to your wedding scrapbook. We will often photograph your Save the Dates and Invitation to include in your final wedding gallery, because they’re momentos you’ll want to remember. Some other fun uses for your engagement portraits is creating a guest sign-in book (another great memento!), or getting them enlarged to use as part of the decor for your reception. It always puts a smile on our face when we see your photos proudly on display.



Get comfortable in front of the camera

One of the most common things we hear from our wedding couples is that they feel awkward in front of the camera. For many couples, it’s possible that their wedding day is the first time they’ve ever been photographed as a couple by a professional. No pressure, right? Your engagement session will allow you to become comfortable taking posing directions and showing intimacy in front of the camera. It’s also great for determining which poses/situations DON’T work for you. By your wedding day, you’ll already know what to expect, and you’ll be a pro!



You get the opportunity to know your photographer, prior to your wedding day

Think about it, other than your family and wedding party, your photo/video team are the people you’ll be spending the most amount of time with on your wedding day. We want to make sure that you have established a good connection, and an engagement session is the perfect way to ensure you’re going to get along, crack the same dad jokes, and overall, make sure your day runs smoothly.



Your photographer gets the opportunity to know YOU before your wedding day

Your engagement portraits are so uniquely YOURS, and our photo team will always strive to make sure that your personality and love story is captured perfectly. You can get as creative as you’d like. Maybe we revisit that restaurant/beach/vineyard where the proposal took place, or maybe you have another favorite landmark you’d like to incorporate. Love books? Let’s go to your favorite bookstore. Love coffee? Coffee shop! We’ve even done an engagement session in the comfort of a couple’s home (with some doggo snuggles thrown in)! Whatever makes you tick, we’ll be ready to rock it!



Refocus and Reconnect

It’s no secret that living in, and around, the San Francisco Bay Area can get hectic. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, your life is probably a lot of hustle and bustle. Now, let’s add planning a wedding into the mix. WHOA. Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to slow down, take a breath, and remember why you and your partner have decided to embark on this crazy journey together. Contact us immediately if you’re looking for the best wedding videographer in San Francisco bay area.




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