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A wedding is one of the most memorable days of life for a couple. If you are a wedding photographer, your clients are depending on you to catch the best moments and make an awesome memory for them. In this article, we will share some of our tried and true tips on the best way to take dazzling wedding photographs, and basic wedding photography mistakes that a professional photographer should avoid.

Wedding Photography is Not Just a Passion, It’s a Challenge

Wedding photography is not quite the same as other categories of photography. Typically, weddings are one-time occasions, so there is no space for mistake or ability to reshoot. It’s important to take the time to chat with the bride and groom, and possibly even with the couple’s families. Since you’ll be spending the majority of the wedding day together, you want to make sure it’s a good fit. When it comes to signing a wedding photography contract, be sure that all parties are aware and agree the terms, in order to avoid any misunderstandings later. Make sure that your contract is sound, and includes details such as the number of portrait photos the couple can expect and any additional fees that may occur.

Another challenge is time. Weddings can vary in length, some short, and others longer, but it’s up to  you to catch each minute. As the wedding day draws nearer, schedule a time with the bride and groom to discuss the timeline of their wedding day, and how it can impact the photographs they’d like to see captured. Since there are no second chances, you must be extra conscientious.

Here is a portion of the best wedding photography tips to enable you to succeed.

Carry Sufficient Equipment and Make Sure It’s In Good Repair:

A professional wedding photographer should always have a main camera and a back-up camera, and ensure that they are both in working order. You would hate to have a wedding day ruined by faulty equipment. Depending on the style of your images, it is also recommended to have a set of lenses, zoom or prime, that can cover a wide range of focal lengths. Last, always be prepared for varied lighting situations by carrying speedlights and/or constant light sources. Make sure your batteries are charged and your memory cards are clean. If you feel like the equipment you own isn’t sufficient for the wedding day, there are many companies in San Francisco that will allow you to rent advanced photography equipment, in order  to get the best quality pictures.

Get Your Crew:

Some weddings are busier than others, so to cover all the photography needs, you may need to consider bringing on a second photographer and/or assistant.  The second wedding photographer is important to capture events that are happening concurrently, such as getting ready portraits, or wedding formals and cocktail hour. It’s that extra peace of mind that no important moment is going to be missed.  Also, you may need an extra person to hold a light, and stand in for taking test shots, etc. Our wedding photographers in San Francisco include a complete team of expert photographers.

Pre-plan the shoot:

Prior to the wedding day, communicate with your clients the time needed to capture their wedding portraits in their desired locations and from multiple angles. Be sure to discuss different poses and your individual shooting style, but also give them the freedom to share the poses they’d like to see for their wedding photography.

Capture the Best:

Every moment in a wedding is special. With that being said, make sure you know which moments they consider to be The Most Special, and would to capture as a lifetime memory. For example, first kiss, first dance or first looks, etc.
As a wedding photographer, you should always be attentive, to avoid missing such precious moments. Make a pre- plan. Be aware of the wedding venue. Shoot in manual, in order to get the best photos possible.

Capture the Reactions:

If you notice, the people around wedding couples also enjoy these first moments. These emotions of family, friends and relatives should be captured. “Wow!” moments of the audience are also the best moments to recall later in the couple’s life, because it shows how present their loved ones were during their wedding day.

Don’t Miss Guests’ Appearance

In the wedding hall, there are all kinds of guests invited, including friends, relatives, colleagues, and other VIPs. Discuss the guest list with the couple, and be sure to capture individual portraits of them. Also, it’s always nice to learn and know the names of close family and friends, so that they feel more comfortable for photos.

Friends Are Important

In this world, everyone has friends, and when it comes to marriage, friends are very important for both bride and groom. When you see groups of friends in the wedding hall, taking selfies, don’t be afraid to approach them and ask to take a portrait of them together and/or with the wedding couple, if possible. Some couples even schedule time during the reception to go from table to table. This is a perfect opportunity to get those fun group portraits, and it makes a perfect addition to the wedding album.

Search for Smiles

Look for the hidden-pearl smiles and unique moments. It may be a kid’s smile, children playing around, laughter from the corner, or a guest’s beautiful smile. These should be the moments that you can’t replicate artificially. They are rare and original. Always have your camera at the ready, while waiting for these moments to present themselves, then click away! Couples will love looking back on these moments through the images captured.

So, what are you waiting for? Our San Francisco wedding photographers are waiting to add your wedding moments to our repertoire.


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