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Everyone has a question! Check out some of the more popular questions below and click the link for an extended FAQ. 

What is the payment plan?

Payment plan is industry standard. 50% down to hold the date and 50% one month prior to the event.

Who is going to be my photographer/videographer?

Your photographer will be assigned approximately 4-6 weeks before your wedding. You will initially receive an email introduction and then you can coordinate directly with them and get acquainted. If you have an engagement shoot booked with us, your photographer will likely be the same for both the engagement and wedding and you will have the opportunity to meet them up to 6 months or more in advance!

For videographers it follows the same process; typically they are introduced to you approx. 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding date and you are able to setup a meeting with them to coordinate and get acquainted. 

When do i get my photos / VIDEOS?

Photos - In most cases you will receive your proofs between 2-3 weeks following your engagement shoot and between 3-4 weeks following your wedding. For multi-day weddings it can take up to 8-10 weeks to receive photos.

Video - Contract will say 26 weeks after event date, but typically we are able to turn around videos in the 3-4 month time frame.( It should be noted that we are not held accountable before the 6 month deadline.) Believe it or not but the industry average is about 1 year to turn around videos and some companies are even 1.5 years.

How do i know i will like the style of the shooter that is selected for me?

All of our shooters are trained based on the style that is represented on the website. So there is a consistency across all shooters and for that reason it makes no difference who is assigned as the product will be the same. Yes every shooter has a slightly different personality, but all of our shooters are easy to work with and kind and considerate.

What are the most popular packages for photo& VIDEO?

PHOTO/VIDEO - The most popular Photo & Video package is our Ultimate Combo Package for 8hrs, which includes two photographers and two videographers for the day as well as highlights video and documentary video.Ultimate package for photo is the most popular which includes two shooters for 8hrs.
PHOTO - Our most popular photo only package is the ULTIMATE PHOTO Package, which includes two photographers for 8hrs and digital delivery.
VIDEO - Our most popular video only package is the ULTIMATE VIDEO Package, which includes two videographers, highlights video, and documentary video with digital delivery

How does the post production editing process work for Video? Do i have the opportunity to give feedback?

The best thing is for you to provide input prior to us starting the editing and the best way to do this is via our online detailed questionnaire. Through the questionnaire you can provide song selections and also tell us about any important moments throughout your day. In addition, after your wedding day if you feel something happened that you want included and want to bring to our attention please feel free to email us and or update your online questionnaire. If after your video has been delivered you feel like there is a shot that you want replaced or a special moment missing feel free to give us specific comments and we can make the complimentary change for you.

What are the most popular packages for video?

Ultimate Video package is the most popular; two videographers for eight (8)hrs with highlights video (3-5min) and documentary video (45-120min).

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